Basic API documentation

This API will be closed on 30th April 2019


Using your Symposium Url Instance. ex.

Method POST: /api/events


  • paging_limit = Max number of result by page
  • ​paging_offset = Number of page
  • partner = Instance number of Symposium
  • event_id = Event Identifier number
  • title_desc = Name or description of the event
  • location = Main location of the event
  • since = Date when the event starts
  • since_max = Date max of the event starts
  • until = Fecha de fin del evento
  • until_min = Fecha mínima de fin del evento
  • organizer = Organizer of the event (string)
  • type = Type of the event
  • category = Category of evento
  • tag = tag key
  • keyword = Full search by name, description, location, category and tags

Methods with API Key availability

These methods requires of an API Key generated freely inside your Administration Panel > Tools > API Keys

WARNING: The results of these methods depends of our indexer engine server, the reindex process runs each 30 minutes. Moreover, the API apply a cache of results with 30 minutes of validation, so the modified information in the events can be waiting near an hour to display in the API.

/api/event - Request info about a particular event


/api/next - Request next events


/api/agenda - Request events between two dates


/api/eventsearch - Searching events


/api/locations - Request available locations